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On Target's Annual Benefit Dinner

Steve Scott

To our OTO families,

Thank you so much for being a part of our ministry over the years. We are so excited to be celebrating 10 years this year and we are so glad that you are a part of this milestone!


Join us on Saturday September 29 for our Annual Benefit Dinner and celebrate with us all the good things God is doing at On Target Outfitters. It should be a great night with special guest speakers and dinner catered by Jeffrey Chrystal. There will be lots of great items to win! 

 We think you are SUPER!

We think you are SUPER!

You are a valuable part of our ministry and your support has helped us reach 10 amazing years. We are so thankful for your continued support. We hope to see you on September 29th so we can thank you in person and celebrate with you!

~ Steve Scott & The On Target Crew

September Special Events

Steve Scott

Hello On Target friends and families! We are excited to be a part of some really fun events coming up this month and would love to share the opportunities with you. 

September 8th and 9th - Shaker Woods Outdoor Expo and Antiques in the Woods - this year these two events are combined to bring you one really exciting weekend! We will be doing archery in the woods alongside some other exciting outdoor vendors so if you are an outdoor enthusiast, come join us! (Saturday 10 - 5 PM, Sunday 10 - 4 PM)

September 15th - Boardman Park Outdoor Day (11 AM - 3 PM) - This event will include fishing, archery (from us!), vendors, nature walks, a live band and more! Come have a great time with your family and come visit us! 

September 22nd - Leetonia Kid's Day - This event is 100% free and so much fun! There are several events where the participants compete for trophies including .22 rifle target shoot, archery, shotgun turkey shoot, and fishing. There are also multiple activities for entertainment such as air rifle target shooting, paintball gun shooting, wildlife identification, "floo-floo arrow shooting," canoeing, and much more! All registered participants will receive a t-shirt and lunch is provided.

September 29th and 30th - On Target Outfitters Family Outdoor Days - Join us at On Target Outfitters for a weekend of family fun. On Saturday morning we will be having a fishing derby with some really awesome prizes and on Saturday evening is our annual banquet. On Sunday we will be having our Open House with a rock climbing wall, fishing, paintball, archery, bird house building, birds of prey, and more! Please visit our website for more information about our upcoming events. 

2018 Outdoor Day (small)jpeg.jpg

We hope to see you and your family at these special events! Come say hi and shoot some archery with us while supporting some awesome local businesses and people! 

With all of these weekend events happening in September, we will be starting Saturday open range in October. 

Thank you for reading and for your continued support of our ministry! 


~ Katrina Klockenga, Program Director



Last but Not Least

Steve Scott

We can't believe that summer is already over. It feels like we just finished our first week of camps and the kids were looking forward to all of the fun things they had planned this summer. Now school is beginning in just a few weeks and kids will reunite and tell the stories of their summers. 

We want to thank you for letting us be a part of the story that the kids will tell on the first day back. We are so appreciative of your dedication to running back and forth each day so that we could spend time with your awesome kids this summer. We also want to thank you for helping us reach a new record.

 We got to share our last week of camps with just about 50 kids in our two morning camps (plus more in our two afternoon camps)! 

We got to share our last week of camps with just about 50 kids in our two morning camps (plus more in our two afternoon camps)! 

As we were reflecting on past summers, we remembered reaching a new record in fishing camps at 23 students. During our last week of camps this summer, we exceeded that record with 30 students in fishing camp! This summer has been our record year. The number of campers has fluctuated over the summers with the highest amount so far being 387 in 2015 with nine weeks of camps. This summer we served 463 students in 8 weeks of camps. 

Thanks to you, parents, grandparents and guardians, we have been able to impact 463 lives this summer. We have met kids from our town, from different states, and even some from different countries. Although we all came from different backgrounds and cultures, we all got to experience the love of God together through so many fun activities and through nature. 

 I have the best office view! 

I have the best office view! 

We can't say enough about how thankful we are for the support that you have given us throughout these 10 years of our ministry. You have helped us grow year after year but most importantly, you have helped us share the Word of God with SO MANY kids and their families! 

It has been a quite week since camps have ended but it has given us the opportunity to create two new fall family programs in addition to two that you already know and love. The two new ones are "Parent / Child Rifle Club" and "Family Fishing Club". Check those out in the 'Upcoming Events' tab and get registered today because we already miss you and your kids! 

Thank you for making summer 2018 so amazing! 

See you soon!


~ Katrina Klockenga and the OTO Family! 

Week 7

Steve Scott

Holy cow, we can't believe that week 7 is over and we are heading into our last week of camps for this summer! We had a really great week and I asked one of our camp counselors, Joey Myers, to share on the blog this week. 

Before we hear about Joey's week in Advanced Archery, I will talk about the other camps we offered in week 7. In the morning we had Advanced Archery and Precision Shooting. This week in precision shooting, campers got to do a gold coin shoot, golf ball shoot, and got to learn about how much fun it is to shoot with a scoped gun!

In the afternoon we had Basic Marksmanship and Top Shot. In Basic Marksmanship, campers got to learn all of the basics of riflery and all of the ways to be safe while shooting. The camp was small so the kids got a lot of shooting time and got to know each other and the camp counselors really well. Top Shot was brand new this week with Dude Perfect inspired challenges. Campers did archery trick shots, ping pong ball trick shots, air rifle trick shots, and so much more! We recorded the trick shots each day and are planning to make a video soon to show you all the fun! 

Advanced Archery was so much fun last week with a huge group of shooters! Joey loved being a part of the camp and I am so excited to share his experience with you all;

"During Advanced Archery the kids went far and beyond what they feel comfortable in by learning and shooting at different distances. Along with shooting all the way to 20 yards, they also got to shoot in many different tournaments. The kids got to experience how a real Vegas archery tournament works, they also got to learn how to shoot a 5 spot tournament and got the chance to shoot a 3-d tournament. 

With this group we were able to showcase one of our newest purchases; our archery tag set. They were able to play against each other and even got a chance to face the staff that day, which they loved. 

My favorite moment this week came in the form of just how everyone became great friends no matter where they came from or their background. Everyone saw each other as friends which made the games and week even better."    ~ Joey Myers

We have been truly blessed to get to know so many amazing kids this summer and we are excited to get to know even more during our last week of camps for the summer. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of our ministry! 


~ Katrina (Program Director) & Joey (Camp Counselor)

Rifle Range and Barn Transformation

Steve Scott

We are so thankful and blessed by everyone who supports us in any way, big or small. After the weekend of July 21st, we have a lot to be thankful for after having Thomas McNally and the St. John Mennonite Church group out to help us with some big projects. 

One of our On Target Outfitters participants, Thomas McNally, is finishing his Eagle Rank for Boy Scouts by doing a service project at On Target Outfitters. His plan was to create the shooting benches for our rifle range pavilion. With lots of hard work and planning, his project began. Thomas and the team arrived at OTO ready to transform his idea into a reality. We are so grateful to Thomas for choosing to complete his project with us and we are also very thankful to the team who came out to help with this project. 

We have Camp .22 this week and this lucky group of students are the first to try out the shooting benches. We couldn't be happier with the finished result! Thank you Thomas and the work crew!

We also had a group of students and adult volunteers from the St. John Mennonite Church who spent the weekend camping around the pond while helping us complete some big projects. They began by giving the indoor archery range floor a fresh coat of paint. They also put new siding on our barn and it looks like a completely new barn.  

Are we sure this is the same barn? Thank you St. John Mennonite group for your hard work!

We could not do what we do without the support of all of you. Thank you so much to Thomas, St. John Mennonite Church, and to each of you for reading and continually supporting our ministry. 


~ The On Target Crew