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Fall Programs

Steve Scott

Now that our new clubhouse is operational we are anxious to start working with students and their families.  While we will be adding other programs throughout the fall and winter, here is what is scheduled thus far. 

  • All-Out Archery - Archery league for boys and girls in grades 1-6.  This starts October 17 so register soon.  Details

  • Bowhunting 101 - This club is for middle school and high school students who are interested in exploring or developing their skills in bowhunting.  Details

  • Private Archery Lessons  - Archery lessons are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 4-6 PM.  They can be scheduled by contacting Steve Scott.

  • Family Fishing - Come on out as a family and enjoy some catch & release fishing at our pond.  Children must be accompanied by an adult AND adults must be accompanied by a child.  

  • Open Archery Range Time for Youth and Families Our indoor archery range will be open to youth and their families from 4-6 PM Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays starting in November.  This time is free for students under 18 and $5 for adults.  The range will be supervised by our staff so students do not need to be accompanied by an adult, but adults must be accompanied by a child.
  • Public Archery Range Time - As a way to raise funds for our ministry, the range will be open to the general public starting in November on Wednesday nights from 6-9 PM and on Saturdays from 10 AM - 2 PM.   Cost is $10 per hour for adults and $5 per hour for students under 18.

  • Community Leagues will start in January.  Check back for details. 

We will have many more opportunities as the year progresses.  If there is something in particular that you would like us to offer, please let us know.