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Faith Afield


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Faith Afield

Steve Scott

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 You are Invited! . . .To a book signing for the soon to be released sportsman's devotional, Faith Afield!  August 25th, 10:30 - 1:00 at Old North Church (Canfield, Ohio) in the Common Ground Coffee Room.

Steve Scott’s new book (yes, he’s an author!) will be released by Baker Publishing House in August. To celebrate and share the occasion with friends, supporters, and coffee drinkers, On Target is hosting a book signing reception with light refreshments at Old North Church.  Come pick up a personalized copy or two and visit a while! 

Faith Afield, written by Steve Scott, will be a great addition to the hunter’s daypack. Well-written and full of memorable stories and life-changing insights, the book will provide food for the spirit while hunting food for the table!
— Steve Chapman, Author of A Look at Life From a Deer Stand