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A Dream Takes Shape

Steve Scott

After some blood, lots of sweat and not too many tears, the new property renovations are progressing well.  Thanks to the help of many great volunteers over countless hours the outdoor space has been tamed from a field into a yard and the clubhouse is transitioning from a 1970s banquet hall to a top-notch indoor archery range and lounge!

Normally when summer ends there is a feeling of let down, but this year, with all the new opportunities the clubhouse provides, we feel like we are ramping up for an incredible fall and winter.  For years we have dreamed of having a variety of weekly clubs including archery, riflery, shotgun, bowhunting, trapping, hunting, fishing, fly-fishing, game cooking and conservation– this year they will become a reality.  The clubs will give students and mentors the ability to spend quality time together doing the activities they love, with each week centering around a truth from scripture.  Also becoming a reality- weekly archery leagues for both the students of On Target and for the community.  We are very excited about the new relationships we can develop through this new facility, and we’re excited to share it with you.

The weekend of October 5th & 6th, from 1-6 p.m., we are hosting an Open House Celebration and would love for you to come and personally check out all the new opportunities. Take a tour of the property and enjoy the activities we have planned- archery, air riflery, fishing, tomahawk throwing, blowguns, raffles, food and more.  See you there!

- Steve