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In the "Northwoods" of Wisconsin


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In the "Northwoods" of Wisconsin

Steve Scott

For the 5th summer straight, On Target Outfitters has headed to Wisconsin to be a part of Camp Vertical at Elmbrook Church.  Elmbrook is the home of 8 weeks of awesome day camps.  With close to 400 children a week and 150 staff and volunteers, Barb and I are only a small part of the summer ministry to kids here in the greater Milwaukee area. Our task is of course to introduce the sport of archery to about 40 of these day campers per week.  We talk about the 3 C's, concentration, consistency and confidence as it relates to archery and to life.  Our two weeks are spent meeting new friends, catching up with old friends, eating way too much frozen custard, and shooting a lot of arrows.  Thanks to everyone who has worked overtime back at the On Target range to allow us to have this time with Elmbrook, we couldn't do it without you!!