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Giving Others A Start


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Giving Others A Start

Steve Scott

This past week one of our On Target young ladies received a very nice gift - a new bow!  While not exactly new, this well-maintained bow is a great way for Emma to get started in target archery and bowhunting.  This was made possible by the generosity of one of our adult ladies who upgraded to a new bow and wanted to bless a girl with her old one.  She could have easily sold it for a couple hundred dollars, but chose to give it away instead.  Thanks Amy!!!!

According to the US Fish & Wildlife Services, one of the main reasons why young people are not being initiated into the sport and tradition of hunting is the cost to get started.  This is not just the cost of bows and guns, but also clothes, boots, and other necessary gear.  

With so many kids wanting to hunt with us this year, this got us thinking that we need to have a loan closet at On Target where people can donate old gear they no longer use or have outgrown.   This way students can borrow them from our closet, and then when they outgrow it, they can bring it back to get the next size.  We will be starting this program this month and need your help.  Please look through your gear (especially youth sizes and smaller adult sizes) to see what you no longer use and bring it out to On Target.  Or if you see new clothes on sale, consider buying them and donating them to our loan closet.  We will make sure it gets to a student who needs it.

Thank you for your generosity in helping others get a start.


*For liability purposes, all firearms donated will remain in the possession of On Target Outfitters, but students will be able to use them for our hunting and shooting events.