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Rack Shack Raffle - Drawing this week


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Rack Shack Raffle - Drawing this week

Steve Scott

We have a great raffle that is ending this week - A Rack Shack II Hunting Blind (valued at over $1,700).   On a cold winter day, you could stay toasty warm with a small heater in this insulated blind.  It can be set up on the ground or as an elevated blind.  It is super quiet too.  To sum it up, this thing is awesome!!!!  For a full description and to purchase tickets, follow this link to our website.

Raffle tickets for the Rack Shack II are:

  • 1 Ticket for $10
  • 3 Tickets for $20
  • 10 Tickets for $50

Raffle Tickets can be purchased at On Target Outfitters or from our website.

A special "Thank You" to our friends at Green Valley Seed in Canfield, OH for their very generous donation, and an equally heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone who participates in these fundraising efforts to support the youth mentoring ministry of On Target Outfitters.