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"Wild" First Weeks of Summer

Steve Scott

We are off to a great start here at our On Target summer camps!  We have had a couple of soggy days, but it's been a fun few weeks nonetheless.  We've ended each day with mud on our boots and smiles on our faces!  Last week we had two camps: "Hook, Line & Sinker" in the morning and "Search for Big Foot" in the afternoon.   The two camps are very different, but both are a lot of fun.  

This week has been...wild.  Between the "Man vs. Wild" camp in the morning and the afternoon "Girl vs. Wild" camp, we are in full-on survival mode here at On Target.  This week is all about living off the land.  

The morning "Hook, Line & Sinker" camp was a blast!  Campers took their fishing skills to the next level as they learned about different fishing techniques and acquired lots of skills to use next time they want the best catch. 

Even though each student came from a different level of fishing expertise, every single camper was successful in catching a fish. 

Tuesday's weather posed a very large issue for our camps.  The pond flooded so much that it was literally at the back porch!  Luckily, the fishing camp had come to a close already that day and we plenty of indoor activities for the afternoon.  

We made sure to continue praising God even in the midst of this storm!

By noon, we were all fished out and ready to set our sights on finding Big Foot!


Afternoon campers and parents were greeted by Big Foot himself!  They quickly learned their first lesson of the week: Big Foot is NOT a good dancer!


Search For Bigfoot is the ultimate hide & seek experience.  As soon as they walked through the doors, the campers received camouflage face paint for our adventures in the woods.  As you can see, Katrina is quite the camo artist.

Hide & seek games such as "sardines" and "prison break" were some of the camper's favorite.  

The hiding spots became more creative (and messy) throughout the week!


When the weather wasn't working in our favor, we headed inside to the archery range.  The campers shot at pictures of Sasquatch to win "Big Foot Nuggets" (Tootsie Rolls).


After our fishing and Bigfoot camps were over, it was time for the big "survival week."  This week started off with both camps learning how to make fire with minimal supplies. 

Making shelters is an essential component to surviving in the wild.  This is why the campers learned how to make even the tiniest shelters to stay warm and dry.  Here we have Steve demonstrating how a simple trash bag can aide in your survival! 


The final day of camp was spent constructing shelters out of tarp and rope to be used that night. The "Man Vs. Wild" boys spent the night in the woods on Wednesday and the girls' camp did the same on Thursday.  The campouts are always so much fun; bonfires, s'mores, and flashlight games always make for a good time. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about everything happening at On Target over the past two weeks!  We have been having a wonderful time teaching about the outdoors, building relationships, and just having a great time!  Take a look at our upcoming camps happening later this summer.  We hope to see you very soon!  Thank you for reading and for you continued support!  God bless!

~Written by Delaney Bresnahan

~Photos by Katrina Klockenga