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Long-Term Investments


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Long-Term Investments

Steve Scott

Dear Friends

There is a familiar proverb that reads, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.”  We all recognize the truth that it is better to make a long-term investment in someone, rather than a quick temporary fix.  

At On Target Outfitters we are teaching kids to fish - both literally and figuratively.  Through outdoor sports like archery, riflery, hunting and fishing we are investing in young lives.   We are teaching students the skills necessary to participate in these life-long activities, passing on a heritage of the outdoors that has been passed down since the beginning of time.  However, our goal goes much deeper than this.  Through mentoring relationships we are shaping the future of our community and nation by instilling greater self-confidence, good character, strong ethics and positive values into the youth with whom we work.  We are also investing in their faith - an eternal impact.  Our desire is for kids to know Christ and to live a life that reflects him in all they do.

We realize that these are lofty goals, but we are seeing it happen through the ministry of On Target Outfitters.  Young lives are being changed and families are being strengthened.  This is due in large part to your support as you have invested invested in us.  Also, because of the financial support that has come in this year as well as the skilled volunteer labor, we have been able to complete our indoor air rifle range and make significant strides on our outdoor archery and rifle ranges (both of which we hope to have completed in the spring of 2017).  These property and facility enhancements enable us to invest in even more kids and families in new and different ways.

Amazing things are happening through On Target Outfitters, but we are realistic in understanding that we cannot do this alone.  We need people like you with similar passion and vision as partners to positively impact this generation of young people.   It is an investment which comes with a cost, but the returns are great!  As you consider your investments please consider On Target Outfitters with a year-end contribution.  

Thank you for your consideration and may you have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Steve Scott