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Dance-offs, night fishing & paintball welts: WEEK 6

Steve Scott

Can you believe that we just finished week 6 (7/18-7/21) of camps? Neither can we. We have 3 weeks left with lots of fun camps still coming up. This week, we had All-American Outdoorsman/woman, Top Shot Jr, and Search for Bigfoot. 

Joey is very excited about this great week we had!!

Joey is very excited about this great week we had!!

In Top Shot Jr this week we tried out a variety of different challenges and named a "Top Shot" for each day. The Top Shot's showed amazing skills in archery, riflery, paintball, blow-dart guns, capture the flag and slingshots. Kendall told me that his favorite moment from camp this week was seeing the campers use paintball guns for the first time and create a special work of art to take home. Kasey told me that one of her favorite moments was when all of the kids began a clap and stomp song in unison. 

Paintball art and dance contests!

Paintball art and dance contests!

All-American Outdoorsman/woman ended their week of camp with a night under the stars and some night fishing. Joey told me that his favorite moment was fishing with a few of the campers the night of the sleepover and when he woke up again in the morning they were fishing again! Those are some dedicated fishermen! 


Search for Bigfoot ended with a splash of color (and Bigfoot got lots of welts!)! The campers went Bigfoot hunting with paintball guns and they definitely found Bigfoot, he has marks to prove it! They enjoyed many variations of hide-n-seek and a game of tag with panty hose on their heads! Bigfoot told me that his favorite part of the week was letting all of the kids shoot him with paintball guns. 

Thanks for taking one for the team Bigfoot!

Thanks for taking one for the team Bigfoot!

The volunteers and I worked through a devotional on how to be "the best you" this week. God created each of us individually and perfectly and we discussed the things that get in our way of believing that, like jealousy, for example. I loved seeing my volunteers in action this week. Each of them brought something so special to the camps that they were helping with. I would like to tell you a story specifically about LiLi and Will and how they amazed me this week. In their camp, the kids were just beginning paintball. This is a slower process because only two can participate at a time. I was helping with the instruction when I turned around and watched LiLi and Will entertain the rest of the campers by playing games with them, teaching them exercises and even having a dance off (the dance off was inspired by Luke). They took the initiative on this one by doing this without even being asked. I am so thankful for them and for all of our volunteers and commend each of you for your willingness to serve us, the kids and each other. 

We look forward to more camps and super awesome activities in the upcoming weeks and more opportunities to make lasting memories! We still have room in many of the camps and would love to see you and your children very soon! Encourage your friends to sign up too!!

Thank you so much for reading and for your continued support. We appreciate each of you so much. God bless!!

~Written by: Katrina Klockenga