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Plane Crash, Casting Competitions & Capture the Flag: WEEK 7!

Steve Scott

Week 7 is in the books. I'm still amazed that we only have two weeks of camps left. How did the time go so quickly? It feels like just yesterday I came home from vacation and week 2 of camps started! This week, Steve and Brian went to Findlay to debut On Target camps there in hopes of possible expansion. The week went swimmingly with their camp called "The Best Of" camp, which was a combination of 4 different camps all jam-packed into one week! Whew! We sure missed them around here though! This week we had Worse Case Scenario, Hook, Line and Sinker and Man vs. Wild Jr. 

Hook, Line and Sinker was a great "catch" this week! The fisherman learned how to tie knots, how to cast properly, how to bait their hooks and most importantly, how to wait patiently! Clayton and Kendall had a great week with the kids. One of their favorite moments was the joy on the kids faces when they caught their first fish. Clayton really enjoyed teaching them how to cast on the first day and Kendall enjoyed teaching the kids how to identify different kinds of fish. Unfortunately the boys didn't take any picture this week. 

Brian teaching the new campers in Findlay about archery!

Brian teaching the new campers in Findlay about archery!

This week, Steve and Brian were in Findlay doing the first ever On Target summer camp there! They did a camp that they called the "Best Of" camp, which entailed a different activity from a different camp everyday so that the kids got a combination of all of our camps from Canfield (the best parts of each camp!). Brian told me that his favorite moments were watching the kids fish with just a string and a hook, meeting all of the new campers and getting to work with kids from his local area. 

Crouching zombies and a plane crash!

Crouching zombies and a plane crash!

This week in Worse Case Scenario we had a brand new scenario and added some big twists on a couple that we used in our last camp. The survivors were attacked by bears, survived a plane crash and got rescued from a deserted island, they didn't survive the zombie apocalypse and they got trapped in a mad scientists lab!! My favorite part of this week was the "plane crash". I really enjoyed being stranded on an island with the survivors and getting to act like I was going insane! 

Shelter building is a camper and leader favorite!

Shelter building is a camper and leader favorite!

This week in Man/Woman vs Wild Jr, the kids learned how to build fires, made some pretty amazing bird nests, built shelters, played some pretty intense games of capture the flag and learned how to shoot archery! It was a week full of survival skills and tons of fun of course! Delaney told me that one of her favorite moments was judging the campers shelters at the end of the day. She also told me that she loved how excited the kids were for their scavenger hunt!

This week the volunteers spent their lunches with the staff and formed a deeper bond than what they had before the week began. It was great to see this and great to know that our family is strengthening and expanding. I would like to share a story about Kenzie this week. She formed a very awesome friendship with two of the youngest campers in her camp (Hook, Line and Sinker) and at the end of the week asked me if it was okay to write one of them a letter saying how much she enjoyed having them in camp. This is the reason we do what we do!! I was so blessed by this act of kindness and reminded in the midst of a stressful week how important it is for us to be intentional. 

We hope to see you and your kids very soon (like within the next two weeks in our last camps of the summer!!). We still have room in many of our camps and have some awesome things planned to end our summer on a high! Thank you for reading and for your continued support. We couldn't do it without you! God bless!!

~Written by: Katrina Klockenga

~Photos by: The OTO Staff