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Winter Fun @ On Target Outfitters


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Winter Fun @ On Target Outfitters

Steve Scott

The holidays are upon us and we hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  As soon as 2018 starts, so do our winter programs for all ages at On Target Outfitters and we hope that you can join us for some of them.  There is nothing more fun than spending time with friends and family doing something you enjoy together.  Here are some of the opportunities we have for you.


We are bringing generations together one arrow at a time again this winter in our Parent (or adult mentor) & Child Archery League.  These two person teams will combine their scores using a handicap system to make the league fun, fair and competitive.    Students ages 7 years and older are invited to participate.  All levels of experience are welcome.   You may use your own equipment or use ours.

Because this league was so popular last year we are offing it on Monday and Thursday nights as well as Saturday morning - you only shoot one time a week.  We ask you to pick one of the days, but if you have a conflict one week, you can always come one of the other days.  The first week will be informational and practice.  

The cost for this 10 week league is $90 per team.  If a parent desires to shoot with more than one child, we can accommodate, but please call Steve to register the additional children.

Register Here



Adults have been asking us for several years when were we going to start offing an archery league for them.  Well the time has come!  I hope you can join us this winter for a fun, friendly, and competitive season.

  • This league will be a 300 5 Spot Round
  • This will be a 10-week league (1 night a week)
  • Starts:  January 8th 
  • We will shoot Monday and Thursday nights, starting at 8:00 PM.  (You choose which night).
  • Cost:  $100.00 due at time of registration
  • Open to all shooters 16 and over, all equipment welcome (no cross bows)
  • Scored with an 80% handicap for both hunter and open shooters
  • If you miss a week, your score must be made up before the next week
  • If you know you will miss a week, it is preferred to shoot your score ahead of time
  • Make up rounds can be shot at On Target’s open range hours.  (WED:6-8 / SAT:10-2)
  • Please submit all makeup scores to or text to Eric Ohlin
  • A trophy will be presented to the top shooter

  • We will also have a $5.00 pot shoot every night

For questions or more information contact (call or text):

Eric Ohlin:  330.716.4464
Steve Scott:  330.423.5101

Register Here


Youth Archery Club

If Santa happens to deliver a new bow to your child this Christmas, they can shoot it right away by joining our youth archery club.   This is a great way for them to get started by being coached in proper form and technique.  While we will shoot for score on a regular basis (to monitor progress) this club is more for the pleasure of the sport, time with friends and for the fun challenges that they can have.   

The archery club will meet on Saturdays (2-3:30 PM) in January, February and March.  

The club is open to students ages 8-16 who have their own archery equipment.  Genesis equipment is allowed for the club.   The cost of the club is $75.

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