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Bringing Generations Together


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Bringing Generations Together

Steve Scott

Many parents today find themselves busy running their children from school programs to sporting events to special activities.   While the time spent together in the car is good, many parents find themselves primarily in the role of chauffeur and spectator.   One of our goals at On Target Outfitters is to invite parents out of the bleachers and bring generations together.  A fun way we do that is in our Parent / Child Archery League which is starting the week of January 8.  

You and your child will shoot together as a team, combining your scores using a handicap system to make the league fun, fair and competitive.    All levels of experience are welcome.  You may use your own equipment or use ours.

Because this league was so popular last year we are offing it three times a week to get everyone in.  You pick which time works best for your team and shoot one time a week.  The times are Monday and Thursday nights (6-8 PM) and Saturday morning (8:30-10:00 AM).  We ask you to register for one of the days, but if you have a conflict one week, you can always come one of the other days.  

The cost for this 10 week league is $90 per team.  Students ages 7 years and older are invited to participate.  

If a parent desires to shoot with more than one child, we can accommodate, but please call Steve to register the additional children (330)423-5101.

The first week will be informational and practice.

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