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1 Month and 23 Days

Steve Scott

Mark your calendars because in just 1 month and 23 days we will welcome our campers to the first On Target summer camp of 2017!!! We are filled with joy as we reminisce about last summer and as we look forward to the summer that is quickly on its way. 

So why pick an On Target summer camp for your children this summer? Here are two reasons to consider in your decision making process

The first reason is called NDD (Nature-Deficit Disorder). This phrase was created to serve as a description of the human costs of alienation from nature, meaning that if we are not immersed in nature, there are consequences for us. As research on NDD expands, we are learning that nature-deficit disorder contributes to a diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, obesity, and higher rates of emotional and physical illnesses. Research proves the importance of getting time outdoors and On Target Outfitters is a wonderful way to get some outdoors time into your life. 

The next reason to pick an OTO camp this summer is because of the bonds your children will make with our staff and with their fellow campers. This is one of the most special things to witness. On day one, the campers sit down shyly, only interacting with people they already know. As the week goes on, campers are challenged by certain activities, like learning how to build their own fires and then boiling water over their fires. The bond that they share with their teammates grows strong through these challenges and successes. By the last day of camp, phone numbers have been exchanged and hugs are given as campers get picked up to go home. It's even better when the campers are reunited at another camp later in the summer! 

The outdoors and building relationships are two very big and important parts of OTO, along with sharing the good news of Christ with our campers. We hope that you would choose to spend some of your summer with us to combat the NDD, to build new friendships, and to learn more about the man who made all of that possible, our Heavenly Father.  

We hope to see you all this summer. Check out our summer camp registration page and sign up for one (or a lot more) camps for this summer!!

Thanks for reading and for supporting us, we appreciate each one of you so much!


Katrina Klockenga