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Special Challenges and Unique Skills

Steve Scott

On this weeks edition of the summer excitement blog, I would like to share with you some memories from Camp .22 and our adventure camps, like Into the Wild: Girls and Into the Wild: Boys and tell you what kinds of challenges and activities are included in these camps. 

Camp .22 is one of our classic camps that Clayton holds especially dear to his heart. There are many reasons to enjoy this camp but Clayton has a few that are special to him. He enjoys getting to teach campers a new skill and teach them how a gun can be handled safely while still having so much fun and he enjoys watching the progress that the campers make throughout the week.  In Camp .22, campers will get to shoot at new challenges every day, like eggs, clay targets, and special paper targets. Basic Marksmanship is not a pre-req to this camp but we suggest it for our younger shooters.


Another camp that is always very memorable are out outdoor adventure camps. We teach the campers many unique skills that they always have so much fun with. Some of these skills include throwing tomahawks, using a two-man saw, and shooting with a blow gun. These skills are very exciting for the kids and they always come back asking if they will get to try them again. It's also really cool to tell your friends at school that you got to throw tomahawks over the summer!

Two-man saw!

Two-man saw!

Expert tomahawk thrower! 

Expert tomahawk thrower! 

Summer camps start in just 14 days so make sure you register soon! We hope to see you all this summer and we can't wait to put your skills to the test with lots of staff vs. camper challenges in all of our camps! 

Included here is a link to the registration website:

Thank you for your continued support of our ministry and for reading my blogs! Can't wait to see you this summer!!


Katrina Klockenga