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Week Three: Campouts and Shoot-Outs

Steve Scott

It was a rather calm week with only two camps going on, Expedition Outdoors in the morning and Camp .22 in the afternoon. It was a great group of kids this week and a great group of leaders. 

In Expedition Outdoors, campers got to learn how to build fires, go on a scavenger hunt that included giving Clayton a hug (he had 17 kids hanging on him!! It was awesome!), they got to learn archery and riflery, test out their navigational skills with a treasure hunt, and they got to camp out in tents that they learned how to assemble. During the campout, Nate told scary stories, they roasted s'mores around the campfire and got to fish until bedtime at 11PM. When I arrived to work at 8 on Thursday morning, campers were roasting their breakfast over the campfire with huge smiles on their faces. They had a blast! This camp was led by Delaney and Nate with Will, Angelo and Emily volunteering with them. 

We have a new friend around here: Ellie!! She loves the kids!

We have a new friend around here: Ellie!! She loves the kids!

In Camp .22, campers got lots of instruction on safety and fun! Shooters got to shoot at a variety of targets this week, including paper airplanes, eggs, pop cans that exploded when they shot them, and cheese puffs (which also explode when you shoot them surprisingly) and many more. The last day featured a shooting gallery made up of many different types of targets and shooters get to pick what they want to shoot at. This camp was run by Clayton and Stephen with LiLi volunteering with them. 


Next week, camps start on Wednesday so that families can spend some quality time together on Monday and Tuesday to celebrate the 4th of July. We have two camps next week, Into the Wild: Boys and Into the Wild: Girls. Both camps have a campout option where they stay in forts that they built with their teams in the woods. It's so much fun! Both camps still have space available so tell your friends and sign up to have a blast with us! Follow the link below for registration details:

Come hang out with us!!

Come hang out with us!!

We hope to see you soon! Thank you so much for your support in our ministry!


~Katrina Klockenga

Photos by: OTO staff

Come meet Ellie!!! 

Come meet Ellie!!!