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Week Six: Fishing and Shooting

Steve Scott

Week 6 is already here and week 7 is on the horizon. How did that happen? With only three weeks left, we are trying our hardest to serve as many kids as we can before the school year starts back up again (so tell your friends to get signed up!!!). Summer has been amazing so far and we've gotten to know so many new kids and have caught up with so many kids that we have met in previous summers. I am sad that it is almost over already and I'll have to wait a whole school year for next summer!

This week, we had 4 camps and lots of traffic through the property! It was great and exciting with no dull moments. In the morning we had Fish On! and Basic Marksmanship and in the afternoon we had Bow Fishing and Top Shot. 

We had a very successful week of Fish On! A few of our fisherman caught a big catfish, which was the talk of the week (also the talk of the week was Stephen getting stung by the catfish). Despite the heat, our fish were hungry and our campers got to meet lots of our fish! They learned how to tie knots and had lots of casting competitions with prizes and then got to eat some fish on the last day! We are so excited to have this element of our fishing camp back this year and love teaching our kids where there food comes from. 

Nice catfish! 

Nice catfish! 


Basic Marksmanship went off with a pow this week! This camp is exciting for us because it's the beginning of a journey to marksmanship, starting with safety and the basic skills needed to be a successful shooter before they use guns that pack more of a punch. In this camp, shooters learn all of these skills on pellet guns but still get to have tons of fun shooting at a variety of targets. We hope to see all of these shooters in a Camp .22 camp someday soon!

Bow Fishing camp was new to us this summer, and it was very exciting! Although we didn't have any luck with the fish, our campers are trained and ready to shoot when the opportunity comes along. They got to shoot tons of archery this week, into the water and into our brand new fish 3D targets. We even put the new targets into the water to shoot at for more realistic practice. The consensus of the campers was that it was much harder than they thought it would be but it was fun! Lots and lots of patience and practice will get you very far in this camp. 

Practicing for the real fish! 

Practicing for the real fish! 

Top Shot was full of new skills and fun challenges. Each day of this camp features a skill that campers learn and practice and then they get to complete a challenge to be named the "Top Shot" of the day. The challenges could include some long distance archery shooting, a sniper type of game, shooting at eggs and so much more.  Campers got to try archery, rifles and paintball this week and combined all three of the skills on the last day for the grand top shot challenge. 

We hope that you can make it out for a camp before the summer is over (only three more weeks!) We have some really fun camps coming up with room in many of them for you and your friends! Hurry up and get signed up so we can share some summer fun with you!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support in our ministry,

~Katrina Klockenga

Photos by: Alaina Fitch and staff