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Week Eight: Camping and Precision Shooting

Steve Scott

It feels like just yesterday that I was writing the week before the first week blog and now I'm writing the week before the last week blog! I can't believe how fast this summer has gone, I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty sad about it. We plan to enjoy every moment left of this summer though as it winds down. 

This week was a packed week for us, we had two very full camps in the morning and two smaller camps in the afternoon. We even debuted a new camp this week. In the morning we had Camp .22 and Expedition Outdoors and in the afternoon we had Advanced Archery and Precision Shooting (our new camp!). 

Camp .22 this week was full of fun and full of kids! We had 10 shooters this week who got to learn the next step in their riflery skills, along with playing tons of new games that challenge them. They got to shoot at splatter targets and lots of blank targets to make sure they were sighted in and they got to take these targets home at the end of the day to show off their skills to their families! After they got sighted in, they got to shoot at smaller targets, like eggs and cheese puffs. Campers always leave with giant smiles on their faces as they run up with their targets to show their parent's/guardian's!

Expedition Outdoors was wild this week with 20 kids! It was the good kind of wild though, campers had a blast learning how to start fires, fish, navigate a treasure map, shoot .22 rifles and set up tents for their sleepover. This camp has a little bit of everything AND gets a camp-out! Unfortunately, the weather isn't looking too great for our camp-out, so we are going to do a camp-in instead! Still just as fun and much less buggy. It's always so much fun to arrive to work the morning after a camp-in or out, to smell the campfire and see the kids playing capture the flag. 



In Advanced Archery this week, campers focused on the 3C's of archery; Concentraion, Consistency, and Confidence. Archers learned how they could tie each one of these concepts into their archery skills and into their life, along with their walk with Christ. Along with learning more technical skills, archers played new games and shot at farther distances. With this smaller group of archers, we really took the opportunity to get to know each other. Our volunteers played a big role in camp this week by teaching alongside our staff members and sharing their experiences from archery team with the campers. We hope that the archers from this camp will join our archery team in the future!

The last camp we had this week was a brand new camp for us, Precision Shooting. It is the next step in riflery where shooters are challenged with some pretty awesome trick shots and farther distances. After a day of warming up, the real excitement begins. There is a hostage style challenge this week where you have to shoot the clay target and not the egg to free the hostage without harming them, they will be shooting at On Target golf balls that they get to take home, and we are even going to have a cut-the-rope style challenge! This camp is awesome because there are so many different shooting challenges for campers to try. 

Successful golf ball shoot, and they get to take them home!

Successful golf ball shoot, and they get to take them home!

Our prayer for these kids as they are getting ready to go back to school is that they were impacted this summer and that they would have a fire ignited inside of them that is full of joy, love, and kindness. We also pray that their minds are ticking about the things they learned about the Lord and that they would ask questions and pursue a journey to Christ. We also hope that they come back in the fall because we will miss them too much if they don't!

Thanks for reading and for supporting us in our mission week after week, month after month, and year after year. You are appreciated. 


Katrina Klockenga

Photos by: Alaina Fitch and the staff