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Week Four: Survival Success!

Steve Scott

We were full blown survival mode this week with both of our Into the Wild camps. We had the boys camp in the morning and the girls camp in the afternoon with a sleepover for both camps on Thursday night. The week seemed to fly by because of the 4th of July, but our staff had a great few days of celebrating with our families and it sounds like all of our campers did as well. 

Into the Wild: Boys was full of excited campers who took to their new survival skills really well. They were tasked with a few different challenges, like starting a fire without matches and then boiling water over their fires. After we had water and fire, it was time to find some food. Campers were given fishing line and a hook and they had to do the rest! They also got to build shelters and make tools out of duct tape. The boys had a great week and a great campout. This camp was run by Stephen, Joey and Alex with Jacob volunteering with them.


Into the Wild: Girls was pretty similar to the boys camp, except the girls camp was very small this week. It gave our campers and staff a chance to really get to know each other. The girls got to build fires and catch fish as well, and they did both way faster than the boys!! Since the camp was so small, the girls got to make a compass to take home with them. They learned about navigation with a treasure hunt and then got to build shelters for their campout. This camp was led by Delaney and Kasey with Madison, Kenzie and Alexa volunteering with them. 

Next week we have three camps, Introduction to Archery and Search for Bigfoot in the morning and Top Shot Jr. in the afternoon. All of these camps have space available and we would love to have your kids and their friends in them! Follow the link below to get your spot:

Stay tuned for a special blog all about our Appalachian Trail trip from the 7th - 11th! 

Thank you for reading and for your support of our ministry, we couldn't do it without you!


~Katrina Klockenga

Photos by: the OTO staff