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Week two: Guns, Bows, and the Great Outdoors!

Steve Scott

Wow, did week one go fast! As we welcomed kids to camp during week two we began to see 'familiar faces' as some of the kids continue to come back each week. It always brings a smile to our faces to see the kids who repeat camps and who come back frequently, as it shows us that the work we are doing is having an impact in the lives of the kids. We also love meeting new campers because that is a sign that the ministry is growing. 

This week in camps we had Camp .22, Introduction to Archery, and Into the Wild-Boys. In Camp .22, the kids used two different types sights, iron sights, and scopes. They also learned how to shoot in different shooting positions such as bench-rest, seated, and prone (laying down). In Into the Wild-Boys, the kids learned how to make a fire with limited resources, they also learned how to make shelter with just a few feet of para-cord and a couple of tarps. Finally, in Introduction to Archery, the kids have learned to shoot a bow and how to make their form and shots be the best that they can be. They shot for money, candy, and got to play archery corn-hole. 

For the first time, we offered a Junior Adventure Camp for students five to seven years old. In this camp, junior campers learned how to shoot archery, fish, and used their supplies from the scavenger hunt to make a sun catcher. We will be offering the Junior Adventure Camp two more times this summer. 

We are already looking forward to next week (week 3) and are excited for the opportunity to mentor more young kids. Again, we thank you for your continued support of this ministry. 

~Clayton Frame, Camp Counselor