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Jr. Adventure Camp

Steve Scott

Jr. Adventure Camp is a one-day camp for kids ages 5 - 7. It is an opportunity to try archery, fishing, paintball, and spend time in the great outdoors for the kids who are not old enough or not quite ready to take on a full week of camp. As we were planning camps this year, this was just an idea to engage more students and on June 21, our idea became a reality! 

In the first Jr. Adventure Camp we had nine young campers bravely join us for a morning of fun. 

The camp is open to girls and boys but in this camp we had an awesome group of all boys! After making some cool name tags, campers learned how to shoot archery. The camp counselors were so impressed by how quickly the boys learned archery! They were popping balloons in no time. After we shot archery, campers learned about fishing. Each camper got a fishing pole and headed out to the pond with their camp counselors. The fish weren't biting but we still had a fun time getting to know each other by telling stories and silly jokes to one another. After fishing, we took a quick snack break before the final activity of the day. The last activity was a scavenger hunt. Kids had to find colorful flowers, cool leaves, and had to high five all of the other campers! With the objects found in the scavenger hunt, campers made a light catcher to take home with them. 

Campers and camp counselors had a blast in this camp! We have two more Jr. Adventure Camps scheduled for this summer and we are planning different activities for each camp so that it will be so much fun every time we have camp even if we see some familiar faces! 

I know that we are so excited for the next one and we hope to see your amazing little ones at camp! We are offering this day camp on July 19th (9 AM- Noon) and August 2nd (9 AM - Noon) so get registered today! 

See you soon! 

~ Katrina & The On Target Crew