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Week 4 & Creative Outdoors

Steve Scott

This week (Week 4) we asked Kasey, one of our college camp counselors, to write a special blog to share about one of our newest camps -- Creative Outdoors! Before we get to Kasey's story, I would like to quickly highlight the other camps we offered this week. 

In the morning we had Camp .22 and another new camp, Game On! Both camps were completely full making for some very high-energy mornings. In the afternoon we had Introduction to Archery and Creative Outdoors. These camps were also very full. We got to meet so many new campers this week and see some campers that we haven't seen in so long! It was an exciting week with so many new experiences. 

Speaking of new experiences, here is Kasey's experience with our brand new camp, Creative Outdoors:

While I have enjoyed working COUNTLESS incredibly fun camps over the past three summers at On Target, our first ever Creative Outdoors camp was by far my favorite. During this amazing week spent outdoors, campers will be spending majority of their time in God’s creation, while simultaneously creating masterpieces of their own. We do various activities in this camp including creating nature journals in which campers will take notes on our daily devotions, string art on slabs of wood, one of a kind paintings done with brushes made in nature, and so many other fun crafts! Creative outdoors is enjoyable for boys and girls of all ages, especially since God created this world for all of us! The OTO staff and I are looking forward for campers to grow and develop this new camp with us!!!!


Creative Outdoors is being offered again in Week 6 (July 23 - 26th) from 1 - 4 PM. Join us to make some awesome crafts, like paintball art, DIY camo shirts, nature paintings, survival tools and so much more. Register now by following this link

See you soon!

~ Katrina & Kasey