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September Special Events

Steve Scott

Hello On Target friends and families! We are excited to be a part of some really fun events coming up this month and would love to share the opportunities with you. 

September 8th and 9th - Shaker Woods Outdoor Expo and Antiques in the Woods - this year these two events are combined to bring you one really exciting weekend! We will be doing archery in the woods alongside some other exciting outdoor vendors so if you are an outdoor enthusiast, come join us! (Saturday 10 - 5 PM, Sunday 10 - 4 PM)

September 15th - Boardman Park Outdoor Day (11 AM - 3 PM) - This event will include fishing, archery (from us!), vendors, nature walks, a live band and more! Come have a great time with your family and come visit us! 

September 22nd - Leetonia Kid's Day - This event is 100% free and so much fun! There are several events where the participants compete for trophies including .22 rifle target shoot, archery, shotgun turkey shoot, and fishing. There are also multiple activities for entertainment such as air rifle target shooting, paintball gun shooting, wildlife identification, "floo-floo arrow shooting," canoeing, and much more! All registered participants will receive a t-shirt and lunch is provided.

September 29th and 30th - On Target Outfitters Family Outdoor Days - Join us at On Target Outfitters for a weekend of family fun. On Saturday morning we will be having a fishing derby with some really awesome prizes and on Saturday evening is our annual banquet. On Sunday we will be having our Open House with a rock climbing wall, fishing, paintball, archery, bird house building, birds of prey, and more! Please visit our website for more information about our upcoming events. 

2018 Outdoor Day (small)jpeg.jpg

We hope to see you and your family at these special events! Come say hi and shoot some archery with us while supporting some awesome local businesses and people! 

With all of these weekend events happening in September, we will be starting Saturday open range in October. 

Thank you for reading and for your continued support of our ministry! 


~ Katrina Klockenga, Program Director