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Welcome Back Campers!

Steve Scott

The crew arrived on Monday morning bright and early to prepare everything for our first week of camps. Most people say Monday is their least favorite day but we love Mondays (for the next 7 weeks anyways) because we get to welcome all of our campers for the week!

Week 1 we welcomed so many new & familiar faces to Ultimate Outdoors Camp, Fish On!, Jr. Adventure Camp, Archery 101 and First Step Riflery!

Fish On!

Fish On!

In the morning we offered Ultimate Outdoors Camp and Fish On!

Ultimate Outdoors Camp is a new camp this summer and it teaches students to be a well-rounded outdoorsman/woman with challenges in archery, rifles, fishing, hunting and more. We started off the week with an intense archery tag battle and ended with a rainy day of “hunting” and learned some tracking skills! We learned about God’s perfect plan for nature and His perfect plan for us this week.

Fish On! is a staple here at On Target. This week we learned about fish identification, cleaning & cooking fish, different types of bait to fish with, like Slim Jims, and practiced lots of patience. In our lessons we learned about how God can teach us so much through the sport of fishing and through nature.

On Monday, we had Jr. Adventure Camp for our 5 - 7 year old campers. We got to do paintball, archery and an awesome nature craft! It was a perfect day for exploring the great outdoors with our friends.

In the afternoon we offered Archery 101 and First Step Riflery.

Archery 101 is a classic but is brand new this summer. We added new activities and some really fun daily themes, like beach day, pirate’s voyage, and safari day! Each day the activities matched the theme. We started off the week with seashell searching and ended it by walking the plank and winning some pirate’s treasure! In our lessons this week we learned that we can be confident because God loves us, protects us and saved us.

First Step Riflery is also full of new activities this summer. We got to shoot at so many fun targets this week, like water balloons, cheese puffs, animal crackers and so much more. We even got to take some long distance shots! In our lessons this week we learned that we can hit the mark every time when we have our sights set on God.

Along with our camps, we had 3 special groups bring students out for a day of fun at On Target! These groups got to do archery, fishing, paintball and tomahawk throwing.

It was a full week here but we enjoyed every second of it. We will see you this week for Next Level Archery, Expedition Outdoors, Fortnite and Ultimate Outdoors Camp Jr.

We still have room in Next Level Archery and Expedition outdoors so invite your fiends to join you for a week of excitement in the great outdoors!


Click here to get registered for camps next week (or for later in the summer)

See you Monday!

Blessings always,

~ Katrina & The On Target Crew