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Week 2: Playing in the Rain

Steve Scott

Rain, rain and more rain accompanied by some thunder and lighting was the forecast for this week as we welcomed campers for 4 full camps! Fortunately, the rain came after camps were over most days and in our favor was the fact that the kids love playing in puddles and being muddy, it made for a great week here at camp!

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In the morning we had Expedition Outdoors and Fortnite.

Expedition Outdoors was jam-packed with outdoor skills, like a map reading bingo game, how to stay entertained when lost in the wild, how to build a tent, fish without a fishing pole, fire starting, and more! On Wednesday night campers came back for a camp-in. Nature taught us so much about the Creator this week.

For the first time ever we had Fortnite camp! Players got to make their own skins, design their own victory dances, do some training with an obstacle course, have battles with archery tag & nerf guns, earned some V-Bucks that got them awesome prizes, and so much more. In our lessons this week we learned how important it is to be unique, how valuable teamwork is, and how we can be confident in ourselves because we know that God is by our side in good times and bad.

In the afternoon we had Next Level Archery and Ultimate Outdoors Camp Jr.

In Next Level Archery we strengthened our archery skills with new targets and harder challenges. We shot at 15 yards instead of 10 yards and the targets got smaller. We traveled to space and shot at the moon, we played baseball and made field goals on sports day, and we played monopoly on board game day (and yes all of these were archery targets!). In our lessons we focused on being consistent in archery, life and in our faith.

In Ultimate Outdoors Camp Jr. we tried air rifles, archery, fishing, tracking, shelter building, built survival tools and more. In our lessons we talked about variety. Variety in equipment for our activities, variety of fish in the pond, and variety in each of us. We were created differently on purpose and together we can accomplish great things and spread God’s good news in so many ways!

Next week we have Creative Outdoors, First Step Riflery, Archery 101 and Locked and Loaded.

We still have room in First Step Riflery and Archery 101 so join us and invite your friends! We can’t wait to see you all soon. Click the button below to get registered for camps!

See you Monday!

Blessings always,

~ Katrina & The On Target Crew