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2018 Summer Day Camps are OPEN!

Steve Scott

Hello friends!

We are excited to announce that our Summer Camp Schedule for 2018 is now live and registration is open!

Our first week of camps kicks off Monday, June 11th with Introduction to Archery, Search for Bigfoot, Basic Marksmanship, and Fish On!

We are also excited to announce two NEW camps - Creative Outdoors and Game On!

Creative Outdoors will feature so many different hands-on activities that will allow you to express your creative side. Some of these will include painting nature scenes with nature objects, experiencing Native American arts, and making things to take home with you to show off to your friends and family (like a tic-tac toe board!). The possibilities are endless and we cannot wait to start crafting with you!

Game On! is the camp for students who just want to play! There will be Four Square, Carpet Ball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, and SO MUCH MORE! The tournaments will get crazy and the prizes will be awesome! Grab your friends and come ready to play! 


To find out about all of the camps we will be offering this summer, check out our Canfield Summer Day Camps tab on the website and get registered today!

We can't wait to see you on June 11th! 

NEW! - Nerf Parties

Steve Scott

Nerf Party.jpg

Looking for a fun idea for a birthday party?  Come to On Target Outfitters and celebrate your child's special day with us with a fun Nerf Party.  Kids can bring their own Nerf guns and we will provide the darts.  We also provide the safety glasses and supervision as well as organize a variety of games.  Food and refreshments can be brought in.  

Nerf parties can be scheduled for children ages 5 - 10 years.  For a party up to 20 kids is just $200.  

For more information, call Steve at (330)423-5101

Bringing Generations Together

Steve Scott

Many parents today find themselves busy running their children from school programs to sporting events to special activities.   While the time spent together in the car is good, many parents find themselves primarily in the role of chauffeur and spectator.   One of our goals at On Target Outfitters is to invite parents out of the bleachers and bring generations together.  A fun way we do that is in our Parent / Child Archery League which is starting the week of January 8.  

You and your child will shoot together as a team, combining your scores using a handicap system to make the league fun, fair and competitive.    All levels of experience are welcome.  You may use your own equipment or use ours.

Because this league was so popular last year we are offing it three times a week to get everyone in.  You pick which time works best for your team and shoot one time a week.  The times are Monday and Thursday nights (6-8 PM) and Saturday morning (8:30-10:00 AM).  We ask you to register for one of the days, but if you have a conflict one week, you can always come one of the other days.  

The cost for this 10 week league is $90 per team.  Students ages 7 years and older are invited to participate.  

If a parent desires to shoot with more than one child, we can accommodate, but please call Steve to register the additional children (330)423-5101.

The first week will be informational and practice.

Register Today


Winter Fun @ On Target Outfitters

Steve Scott

The holidays are upon us and we hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  As soon as 2018 starts, so do our winter programs for all ages at On Target Outfitters and we hope that you can join us for some of them.  There is nothing more fun than spending time with friends and family doing something you enjoy together.  Here are some of the opportunities we have for you.


We are bringing generations together one arrow at a time again this winter in our Parent (or adult mentor) & Child Archery League.  These two person teams will combine their scores using a handicap system to make the league fun, fair and competitive.    Students ages 7 years and older are invited to participate.  All levels of experience are welcome.   You may use your own equipment or use ours.

Because this league was so popular last year we are offing it on Monday and Thursday nights as well as Saturday morning - you only shoot one time a week.  We ask you to pick one of the days, but if you have a conflict one week, you can always come one of the other days.  The first week will be informational and practice.  

The cost for this 10 week league is $90 per team.  If a parent desires to shoot with more than one child, we can accommodate, but please call Steve to register the additional children.

Register Here



Adults have been asking us for several years when were we going to start offing an archery league for them.  Well the time has come!  I hope you can join us this winter for a fun, friendly, and competitive season.

  • This league will be a 300 5 Spot Round
  • This will be a 10-week league (1 night a week)
  • Starts:  January 8th 
  • We will shoot Monday and Thursday nights, starting at 8:00 PM.  (You choose which night).
  • Cost:  $100.00 due at time of registration
  • Open to all shooters 16 and over, all equipment welcome (no cross bows)
  • Scored with an 80% handicap for both hunter and open shooters
  • If you miss a week, your score must be made up before the next week
  • If you know you will miss a week, it is preferred to shoot your score ahead of time
  • Make up rounds can be shot at On Target’s open range hours.  (WED:6-8 / SAT:10-2)
  • Please submit all makeup scores to or text to Eric Ohlin
  • A trophy will be presented to the top shooter

  • We will also have a $5.00 pot shoot every night

For questions or more information contact (call or text):

Eric Ohlin:  330.716.4464
Steve Scott:  330.423.5101

Register Here


Youth Archery Club

If Santa happens to deliver a new bow to your child this Christmas, they can shoot it right away by joining our youth archery club.   This is a great way for them to get started by being coached in proper form and technique.  While we will shoot for score on a regular basis (to monitor progress) this club is more for the pleasure of the sport, time with friends and for the fun challenges that they can have.   

The archery club will meet on Saturdays (2-3:30 PM) in January, February and March.  

The club is open to students ages 8-16 who have their own archery equipment.  Genesis equipment is allowed for the club.   The cost of the club is $75.

Register Here


Having an Urban Impact

Steve Scott


This summer a young man named Antoine came to On Target as a part of a Youngstown City School enrichment program.  As he walked around our pond trying to decide where he wanted to cast his fishing line, he shared with one our leaders that he had never before been outside the city (specifically, never south of Midlothian).   He was mesmerized by the frogs, our ducks, and even the bait on his hook.  While Antoine did not land a fish that day, he did catch a glimpse of creation and was hooked by its calm and intrigue.  His hesitancy to get back on the bus showed his desire to experience more. 

While Antoine’s story of being confined to the city may not be the norm, the staggering divide between children and the outdoors is equally real.  This wired generation tends to view nature through the glass windows in their homes and cars and rarely get to experience creation with their own hands.  Experts are linking the lack of nature in the lives of today's kids to some of the most disturbing childhood trends, such as the rises in obesity, attention disorders, depression, as well as an overall epidemic of inactivity.   Like Antoine, once kids get to experience nature, they tend to want more.

As you know, our desire at On Target goes far beyond just getting kids outside and introducing them to the various outdoor sports we teach.  Our goal is that through these activities we get to know them, to be a positive voice in their lives, and to use creation as a way to introduce them to the Creator of it all.

Because of your support of On Target Outfitters, Antoine and more than 700 other children were able to experience Gods great outdoors this year.  Their lives are being changed because of you.  
As we head into 2018, we are asking for your partnership with us once again.  Some of our goals for this upcoming year with associated costs include:

  •     Expanding our urban impact by offering more field trip and after-school enrichment opportunities for inner-city students  ($500 for each school program).
  •     Putting the final touches on our rifle range construction project ($3,500 for shooting benches and final landscaping).
  •     Providing more intentional personal and family growth opportunities ($250 for each workshop or class).

Your year-end tax deductible gift is an investment in a student, in a family, and ultimately in our community.  We can’t do it without you.   Thank you in advance your continued partnership with us.

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May God continue to bless you as you have been a blessing to us.

Steve Scott