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Archery Programs

Instructional Leagues:

Offered in the Spring and Fall, these five week long entry level archery programs allow students the opportunity to try the sport of archery in fun and creative ways.  Using games and challenges students are taught proper form and technique enabling them to experience success on the range.

Registration is now open for our Fall Instructional Leagues.  Register Here 

Archery Team:

The On Target Archery Team is for students ages 10-18 who have their own archery equipment (not Genesis) who want to shoot competitively with their peers.  Starting in November and going through April, participants will practice as a team one night a week.  The focus of these practices will be on form, consistency, concentration and confidence.  Our goal is to meet students where they are at in their archery skills and to help them move to the next level.  We will host 4 tournaments at OTO and will travel to 3 or 4 others.  

Registration is now open for our Archery Team.  Register Here

Archery club:

We realize that there are a lot of students who like to shoot archery for the sake of shooting archery and for social element of doing it with their friends.   Club participants are always invited to shoot the same tournaments at the archery team but the practices will be focused on interaction, games and fun challenges.  The archery club is for students ages 8-16 who have their own archery equipment (Genesis bows are allowed in this program).

Parent/Child League:

One of the goals at On Target Outfitters is to bring generations together, and our Parent / Child League is a great way for kids and their parent (0r other significant adult) to spend time shooting archery together as a team.   This league is open for beginners to advanced shooters with target sizes and distances varying based on age, experience and equipment.  While we keep score and encourage friendly competition, the main objective of this league is to have fun together.  These league meets one time a week from January through March.