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Faith Afield


Faith Afield

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Faith Afield Postcard-1.jpg

Faith Afield


NEW!  Faith Afield, A Sportsman's Devotional by Steve Scott

About the book . . .

One of the best things about outdoor sports is the time they give you alone in God's creation--time to rest, reflect, and refresh before returning to the everyday stresses of work, family life, finances, and more. Faith Afield is your guide to making this time in God's country last when you return home . . .

"Faith Afield, written by Steve Scott, will be a great addition to the hunter's daypack. Well-written and full of memorable stories and life-changing insights, the book will provide food for the spirit while hunting for food for the table!"  - Steve Chapman, author of A Look at Life from a Deer Stand

Each copy is signed by the author! 

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