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Summer Day Camps



NEW - Jr. Adventure Camp

Jr. Adventure Camp

These 1 day camps are designed for children ages 5-7 who are not old enough or maybe not ready for the week long program.  Adventure Campers will get to experience a sample of some of our more popular activities like fishing, archery, nature exploration, outdoor crafts, paintball target shooting and more.  These camps are staffed with much smaller ratios so that students get a lot of personalized attention assuring a great experience.  If students want to participate in more than one day of Adventure Camp, the activities will vary some from day to day giving the a bigger variety of experiences.   Jr. Adventure Camp dates are:

  • June 21     (9 AM - Noon)
  • July 19      (9 AM - Noon)
  • August 2   (9 AM - Noon)

Cost - $30 per day

Archery Camps

Introduction to Archery

Have you ever seen an archer in the movies and wondered what it would be like? In this camp you can learn how! Along with shooting at a variety of archery targets, students will learn all of the archery skills and safety rules they need to be an excellent archer. Students will get to win tons of prizes like candy and money, and participate in challenges like balloon games and tic-tac-toe. This camp is for students who are going into grades 2 - 5. This camp will be offered:

  •  June 11 – 14    (9 AM – Noon)
  •  June 18 - 21     (1 - 4 PM)
  •  July 9 - 12        (1 - 4 PM)
  • August 6 - 9     (1 - 4 PM)

Cost- $65


Intermediate Archery

After you have started the archery journey, you won’t want to stop! This camp is the next step in perfecting your archery skills.  Here, students will learn more about the science of archery (I know that sounds boring but I promise it isn’t) and will get to build their own bow to take home with them on the last day of camp! Along with a homemade bow, more candy and more money, the students will be challenged in new archery games and competitions, such as a 3D archery shoot (outside in the woods!) and some other awesome outdoor archery challenges. This camp is for students going into grades 3 – 6 who have completed an introduction to archery camp or an after school program. This camp will be offered:

  • June 25 - 28     (1 – 4 PM)
  • July 16 - 19       (9 AM - Noon)
  • July 23 - 26      (1 - 4 PM)

Cost- $75


Advanced Archery

Have you already done our other archery camps but are still looking for another fun archery program this summer? This is the one for you!  In this camp, archers will expand their shooting distances and learn to use sights and releases. In this camp, a mixture of individual lessons and group activities will challenge students. New targets will be introduced, like Vegas and 5 Spot as well as new games, like a team obstacle course! This camp is for students who are going into 4 – 8th grade. This camp is offered:

  • July 30 – August 2    (9 AM - Noon)

Cost- $65


Club 3-D

This summer-long program allows students who enjoy shooting 3-D targets a chance to shoot at a variety of different clubs throughout the summer. It is a fun way for participants to hone in their skills, challenge each other, and enjoy the great outdoors. Club 3-D is for students who are going into grades 5-12 and who have their own archery equipment (not Genesis). Dates and locations for this camp are:

  • June 16            On Target Outfitters - Site In Day
  • June 23            Lake Milton
  • July 8               Beaver Creek
  • July 28             Lake Milton
  • August 4           Nelson Ledges
  • August 25         Lake Milton
  • September 1     Columbiana Archers
  • September 22    Mosquito Bowman

*8 events are scheduled. We are assuming we will have one cancellation. If we have to cancel more than one event we will try to make it up for another date. 

Cost- $120


Marksmanship Camps

Basic Marksmanship

    Has your child expressed interest in shooting?  Well this camp gives boys and girls the opportunity to learn safe gun handling skills while developing basic marksmanship skills all under the careful watch of a certified instructor.  The learning is masked by tons and tons of fun! This camp uses a variety of very exciting targets, like spinning targets, moving targets, paper targets shaped like animals, flies, snakes, etc., and so many more for a fun and challenging learning experience. This camp is for students going into grades 2 – 6. It is offered:

    • June 11 - 14     (1 - 3 PM)
    • June 25 - 28    (1 - 3 PM)
    • July 30 - August 2  (1 - 3 PM)

    Cost- $60


    Camp .22

    In this intermediate level camp, students will use quality .22 rifles to hone in their shooting skills while continually being coached in safety.  Along with learning about concentration and coordination on the range, they will get to shoot at new targets and at farther distances. Marksman will also get the opportunity to try out different styles and actions of rifles. We will get to do some awesome challenges, like shooting at an egg from really far distances, and we will bring on some new moving targets (plus so much more). This camp is for students going into grades 4 – 8.   It will be offered: 

    • June 18 - 21 (9 AM - Noon)
    • July 9 - 12     (9 AM - Noon) 
    • July 23 - 26    (9 AM - Noon) 

    Please Note: Basic Marksmanship Air Rifle Camp is not a prerequisite for this camp but is encouraged for our younger shooters.

    Cost- $75


    Precision Shooting School

    This camp is for the student who wants to be a sniper - to make a precise shot taking into consideration wind, distance, breathing and trigger control.  It is for the marksman who is up for the challenge of making one shot count.  Campers will be learning to maximize the ability of a .22 rifle as well as the scopes on them.  This advanced camp is for students going into grades 5-8.   

    • July 30 - August 2     (9 AM - Noon)
    • August 6 - 9                (1 - 4 PM)

    Cost - $75


    Top Shot

    Can't decide which shooting camp your child will like the best? Try this one! This camp is will give students a variety of shooting experiences (like .22 rifles, paintball guns, or blowguns) with surprise challenges each day and at the end of the day one student will be named “Top Shot” and will of course get a sweet prize! We don’t want to give away too much of the surprise in our description so sign up to find out what the fun is all about! This camp is for students going into grades 5-8. It will be offered: 

    • July 30 - August 2    (1 – 4 PM)

    Cost- $75


    Top Shot Jr.

    Just like the Top Shot camp but students going into grades 2 – 5. Same surprise challenges (one day might be air rifles, one day might be blow guns!), same Top Shot of the day and awesome prizes! This camp will be offered:

    • July 16 - 19     (1 - 4 PM)

    Cost - $65


    Camp Clays

    This four session camp introduces students to the fun and challenging shotgun sport of shooting clays. Elements of trap, skeet and sporting clays will be developed. Guided by certified and experienced instructors, you will notice marked improvement during our time together as you confidently break more clays.  This camp will be held on Tuesday nights (June 12, 19, 26, and July 3) at East Ohio Conservation Club (EOCC) which is located 3 miles west of On Target on Calla Rd.

    • June 12, 19, 26 & July 3

    Cost - $120


    Adventure and Survival Camps


    Creative Outdoors (NEW!)

    Do you love nature and being creative? This is the camp for you! This camp will feature so many different hands-on activities that will allow you to express your creative side. Some of these will include painting nature scenes with nature objects (paintbrushes made from objects we find in the woods!), experiencing Native American arts, and making things to take home with you to show off to your friends and family (like a dream catcher and a tic-tac toe board!). The possibilities are endless and we cannot wait to start crafting with you! Please note that Creative Outdoors can accommodate many ages and we want to encourage interactions within the ages groups through this camp. So lets inspire each other through nature and art! This camp is for students going into grades 2 - 8. This camp will be offered:

    • July 9 - 12      (1 - 4 PM)
    • July 23 - 26   (1 - 4 PM)

    Cost - $65


    Game On! (NEW!)

    Have you ever wished that you could come to camp and just play games all day long? This camp is perfect for you! There will be Four Square, Carpet Ball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, and SO MUCH MORE! The tournaments will get crazy and the prizes will be awesome! Grab your friends and come ready to play! This camp is for students going into grades 4 - 8. This camp will be offered:

    • July 9 - 12      (9 AM - Noon)
    • August 6 - 9   (9 AM - Noon)

    Cost - $65


    Search For Bigfoot

    Do you believe in Bigfoot? Do you want a chance to spot the big guy yourself? Sign up for this camp then and you have a pretty great chance of laying your eyes on him. This camp with teach Bigfoot hunters about camouflage, stealth and silent communication. There will be many varieties of action packed gamed, like capture the flag and hide & seek with many twists! On Thursday, the hunters will put their new skills into action with a “Bigfoot hunt”. For students going into grades 5-8. This camp will be offered:

    • June 11 - 14    (1 – 4 PM)
    • July 16 - 19    (9 AM – Noon)

    Cost - $65


    Into the Wild: Boys

    In this three-day camp, the boys will learn all of the basic outdoor skills necessary for surviving in the wild. They will try their hand at map reading and navigation, fire starting, shelter building and even primitive tool making (with duct tape of course). The camp will run from Monday to Thursday with an optional overnight camping experience in the shelters that they make on Wednesday night. Pickup on Thursday morning at 10 AM. This camp is for boys going into grades 5-8. This camp is offered:

    • June 18 - 21    (9 AM - Noon)

    Cost $65


    Into the Wild: Girls

    This camp is similar to the one listed above but its for girls only!! The ladies will get to master all of the same skills as the dudes, but along with building a shelter, the girls will get to decorate them with flowers and anything else they can find in the woods to add a homey touch. The camp will run from Monday to Thursday with an optional overnight camping experience in the shelters that they make on Wednesday night. Pickup on Thursday morning at 10 AM. This camp is for girls going into grades 5-8.  It will be offered:

    • June 25 - 28    (9 AM - Noon)

    Cost $65


    Expedition Outdoors

    In this camp, boys and girls who are going into grades 2-5 will take on the woods and learn basic survival skills. Shelter building, fishing, and navigation skills are just a few of the activities to look forward to this week. This camp will run from Monday to Thursday with an optional overnight camping experience on Wednesday night. This camp is for students going into grades 2-5 and will be offered:

    • July 16 - 19   (1 - 4 PM)

    Cost $65


    Worse Case Scenario

    Have you ever pictured yourself in a worse case scenario? Like a plane crash, shark attack, Doomsday or trapped in an Escape Room? Well, we have too and we want to teach you some skills to help you escape some of the worst cases we can come up with (and have tons of fun trying to get yourself out of it too). Everyday is a surprise so come prepared for the worst!!! This camp is for students who are going into grades 5-8 and is being offered:

    • July 23 - 26   (9 AM – Noon)

    Cost $65

    Fishing and Hunting Camps

    Fish On!

    Do you have a passion for fishing? This camp is the one for you. We will teach you the basics of fishing, like how to put a worm on a hook, knot tying, casting, and more. Along with your new fishing skills, we will teach you about the great lakes and different types of fish. There will also be a day where we get to clean, cook and eat some fish! Educational and fun! There will be daily fishing challenges where fishermen can earn prizes for their skills as well! Come on out and make sure to scream FISH ON really loud when you catch a fish! This camp is for students who are going into 1-6 grade and is offered:

    • June 11 - 14        (9 - 11 AM) 
    • June 25 - 28       (9 – 11 AM)
    • August 6 - 9       (9 – 11 AM)

    Cost $55


    Fly Fishing 101

    While this camp won't quite look like "A River Runs Through It,"  students will still get to learn the fundamentals of casting a fly rod while catching fish around the pond.  They will also learn to tie their own flies and the special knots needed to rig their lines.  Because this camp will require more advanced hand-eye coordination, this camp will be for students who are going into grades 7-12.  This camp will take place on 5 Monday nights from July 23 - August 20.

    • July 23, 30, August 6, 13, 20    (6-8 PM)

    Cost $70


    Hunting and Conservation

    This camp is designed to introduce students to the sport and tradition of hunting. An emphasis on safety, marksmanship, ethics and conservation are key components every day. Time in the woods checking trail cameras and looking for tracks and other signs move students from the classroom out into creation. Participants in this camp are invited to come back on Thursday evening for no additional cost to complete the Ohio Hunter Education course and get their certificate required to purchase their first hunting license. 

    • August 6 - 9       (1 – 4 PM)

    Cost $65